A judge has ruled that there is not enough time to redraw the district maps in time for this year’s elections.

“Too Late” to Redraw District Maps

With a May 20th deadline for new maps to be in place, Steuben County Acting Supreme Court Justice Judge Patrick McAllister ruled today that maps for New York’s State Assembly districts will remain in place.

It should be noted that Justice McAllister is himself a Republican, one who believes that the redrawing of lines at this late date would only cause confusion.

Sara Dorn, in a May 11, 2022 article for “City and State New York,” said that “McAllister noted that ‘in a rare show of bipartisan agreement’ the GOP-backed petitioners in the case, along with lawyers for Democratic state leaders, also agreed that it was too late to redraw the Assembly lines.”

Judge McAllister said that the Court has not received maps yet and therefore would not be able to meet the May 20th deadline that he had established for the maps to be in place.

Confusion and Chaos

Adding to the confusion, the latest move comes after a Tuesday decision that allowed New York to move the congressional primary to August in an attempt to give the neutral map “master” to draw new maps after a judge ruled the latest version of those maps unconstitutional in April.

New York Times reporter Nicholas Fandos quoted Judge Gary L. Sharpe of the Northern District of New York as saying, “It is clear that a modification of the court’s prior injunction order is sensible and necessary to avoid a chaotic situation for all New York voters...”


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