A New York State Senator representing portion of CNY and the North County is pulling no punches over Kirsten Gillibrand's plan to send undocumented migrants in New York City to upstate communities.

Reacting to a recent news article in the NY Post in which U.S. Senator Gillibrand said relocating migrants upstate would help upstate cities qualify for additional federal money, NY Senator Joe Griffo says fooey.

The Upstate Republican released a statement saying he believes the plan is another example of Gillibrand being more concerned about her own future than the communities she represents.

Photo Credit: WIBX/TSM
Photo Credit: WIBX/TSM


“There she goes again. After trying to steal a federal judgeship from Utica and the Mohawk Valley, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is again not paying attention to the needs and concerns of the upstate communities she supposedly represents in Congress," Griffo said.

"I recognize the role played by migrant workers who have come here in accordance with established immigration protocols and the effect that they have on the state’s agriculture industry. Additionally, upstate communities have demonstrated a willingness and interest in welcoming and integrating legal refugees and immigrants. However, Sen. Gillibrand’s proposal to ship immigrants who have crossed the border illegally to these communities is disingenuous. Let’s call it was it really is: A political ploy by an individual who is more concerned about her political future than the futures of upstate communities," he said.

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Griffo continued, "Longstanding immigration issues that have challenged many administrations and Congresses must be addressed at the federal level. Sen. Gillibrand and her colleagues are in a position to create policies to remedy this problem. It’s time for Sen. Gillibrand to do her job and resolve these issues as opposed to forcing already struggling communities to deal with another challenge.”

The issue of undocumented migrants flooding into the U.S. has become a hot topic of late with Republican governors shipping bus loads of migrants to Democrat-run sanctuary cities.

In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams has been said nearly two dozens emergency shelters have opened to address the influx of those fleeing South America. Adams has even floated the idea of housing the growing number of migrants on cruise ships, the Washington Post reports.

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