A new list names the 12 places across New York State you should eat at in the New Year, and one of those places happens to be right here in Utica.

Everyone knows the food in Central New York is some of the best food you can find in New York State, or around the country for that matter. Well, a new list out from Only in Your State further proves that statement. They found 12 restaurants across the state that they believe you have to eat at in the New Year. One of those restaurants can be found on Bleecker Street, right in Utica.

Do you think you know what restaurant it is??

Only in Your State named the Chesterfield Restaurant as their 11th place to eat at in 2017. According to their website,

Featured on our list of best places in the state where you can feast on Chicken Riggies, Chesterfield Restaurant is hands down one of the best locations to check out. If you're unfamiliar with this dish that's popular in the Utica area, then here is the place where you should start.

The Chesterfield is known for their amazing Italian foods, as well as their own unique dishes. This fine dining restaurant is perfect for bigger get-togethers (like family parties, office events, and things like that), but it's also great for a romantic dinner for you and your significant other, or a ladies night out. From their gourmet pizza to their delicious pasta dishes, there's something for everyone at the Chesterfield. You can see their menu and get more details on this wonderful Utica restaurant here.




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