The puppy mill pipeline is about to close down as the New York Senate, by a vote of 48-12, passed a bill that will ban the sale of individual animals in pet stores.

S. 4234-A, the New York Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill, would prohibit the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores across the New York State. The ASPCA says this is a significant blow to the cruel and deceptive puppy mill industry.

New York State has one of the country’s highest number of puppy-selling pet stores, which often source puppies from out-of-state, low-welfare, commercial breeding facilities (a.k.a. puppy mills) where dogs are bred at every opportunity in order to produce as many puppies as possible. These puppies are then distributed to pet stores in New York State and sold as healthy, high-quality puppies

from responsible breeders. [ASPCA]

The bill, introduced by New York State Senator Michael Gianaris, will not prevent individuals from purchasing animals from reputable breeders, as they do not deal with pet stores. Potential customers will be able to see what type of environment a puppy or young dog is living in. "Pet stores that sell puppies may look good from the window, but rely on a recklessly inhumane system to make money, importing potentially sick animals from out-of-state puppy mills and deceptively passing them off to consumers as healthy pets from responsible breeders," [Matt Bershadker, ASPCA President and CEO]

New York State has taken another step to protect thousands of animals from suffering and inhuman treatment. Now can we have much stricter laws for animal abuse instead of a slap on the wrist?

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