Some people love to do this or think it's cute. Some people think it's not a thing that should be done. The subject? Dressing up your pet. The only time my wife and I dressed up our dogs was for a fun event during a Greyhound get-together. We have been adopting Greyhounds for a couple of decades.

I've seen comments from people who disapprove of dressing up a dog for whatever reason, but how many pet photos have we seen on the internet where the dog, cat, or other animal is dressed up in some sort of cute outfit? Quite a lot for sure.

And how about those who spoil their pet? I'd have to raise my hand on that subject. Of course, my wife and I don't let things get out of hand, but yes, they are spoiled to an extent.

And apparently spoiling your dog is a big deal for dog owners in the states of New York and Pennsylvania. According to a survey from Forbes Advisor, both states land in the top 5 out of all U.S. states with the most spoiled dogs.

The Forbes Advisor survey shows that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania lands at number 4 on the list out of 50 states. 64 percent of residents have outfitted and/or buy accessories for their dogs. Pennsylvania comes in 3rd (tied with Georgia and Virginia) when it comes to spending money on spoiling their dogs.

The state with the most spoiled dogs is (drum roll), New York State. How did we get that honor? The Forbes Advisor survey shows that 40 percent of dog owners spent more money on their dogs than their significant other. Wow, that's an eye-opener.

And that's not all. More than half of New Yorkers who have dogs spend more money on their dog's health and grooming than they do for themselves. Yea, I can see that. Also just over 40 percent hold birthday parties for their dog. Yea, I do that. And almost 60 percent of New York dog owners outfit and or buy accessories for their dog(s). I don't do that.

In case you are wondering what state spoils their dogs the least, it's South Dakota with just under a score of 25 percent. How dare they. For the complete list, visit the Forbes Advisor website.

[via Forbes Advisor]

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