If you had to make a generic statement to summarize everything about our entire state, what would you say?

How would it even be possible to summarize everything about New York into one sentence? How could you include anything about the food, beautiful scenery, the City, and everything else that makes New York such a great state?

You couldn't, right?! At least, not in one sentence.

Well, Ranker has collected answers for this question and they were able to do it. And we have to admit, the answer they found is actually a pretty good representation of our state. According to Ranker.com, the winning answer came from reddit user, "theHamburglersNugget,"

NYC is not all of New York, there are a lot of fun things to do in the rest of the state.


That's something we've been preaching for... well, forever. Outside of the state, if you say "New York," people automatically assume the City. I know when I told my friends I was moving here, many of them told me they couldn't believe I was moving to "New York City," and to "Have fun in the City," and numerous other versions of that. I had to correct them, and remind them that New York is a state. A large state. And there's more to the state than one city.

But even with this "sum-up" of our state, it doesn't mention anything about chicken wings or pizza. Or even our Central New York chicken riggies or greens. And what about the Adirondacks or the Catskills?

If there had to be one sentence to summarize our state, the above mentioned sentence does do a good job. But we figured we would come up with a few that focuses more on some of our features...

Like, how about this one:

New York: 54,000 square miles of everything you could possibly want from mountains to city life to quiet campgrounds the whole family can enjoy.

Or this food-driven one:

You can get the best pizza and wings, sandwiches you can't find anywhere else, even unique dishes like chicken riggies and pusties, all within the borders of New York.


Whether you want mountains and adventures, scenic drives with waterfalls, or a relaxing day on a sandy beach, you'll find it all in New York.

Or even:

New York: Come for all the hype, stay because there's too many activities to enjoy in one lifetime.

If you had to summarize New York into one sentence, what would it be? We would love to hear your ideas. You can leave us a note in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page, or you can always leave us a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.





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