Most of us think of a trip to the local Utica superstore as an opportunity to get a good deal on a 48-pack of paper towels, but one NYS woman turned her shopping excursion into viral video fame...and maybe more.

Christina Kokonis-Vigger, who calls herself a "diva in the making', had a friend record her giving an impromptu performance of "Maybe This Time" on an Albany Sam's Club karaoke machine. The Facebook video had now been seen over 11 million times, and even the 'America's Got Talent' TV show has taken notice.

Kokonis-Vigger told the Staten Island Advance that she and her friend were at the Kingston Sam's Club when they got the idea to film the video. "I have no idea how this went viral. We were watching television, and we saw the Facebook post starting to climb. ...Local radio shows started posting it, then it just went crazy," she told the paper.

We'll be watching for her debut if Christina makes it to the big time. Until then, maybe we should check the aisles of the BJ's in Utica for some undiscovered talent.



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