Gas stations across the country are running out of fuel because of people panicking over the Russian hacking of the Colonial Gas Pipeline. Ridiculously long lines at the pumps have even started in Central New York.

Cars were lined up at BJ's in North Utica on Wednesday, May 12.

The line at BJ's may have been due to the price at $2.77 a gallon and not the pipeline panic. But the hording of gas is real. Just look at the tanks being filled and put into cars around the country.

The panic buying has led to more than 10,000 gas station experiencing a gas shortage, according to the Washington Post says. It also has the US Consumer Product Safety Commission telling people not to fill plastic bags with gasoline.

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management is reminding everyone of the panic toilet paper buying and advising against doing the same with gas. "This can create spot shortages at stations, which is what we don't want to happen."

The Colonial Pipeline restarted last in the afternoon on Wednesday, May 12. Hopefully that will put an end to panic buying at the pumps.

Basil Seggos Commissioner New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says "there is no indication of supply challenges or price impacts to New Yorkers, nor have we seen price spikes."

GasBuddy has now become the number one downloaded app as people hunt for cheap gas. Let's just hope there's gas for us to buy.

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