Are you the unlucky person who lost a wad of cash outside a CNY Stewart's shop? The NYS Troopers have your money.

You can consider yourself unlucky for losing the undiclosed amount of cash, or lucky, because an honest indivudual turned the money over to the New York State Police.

According to a press release, the wad of money was found on the sidewalk in front of the Stewart’s Shop located on Cold Brook Street in the village of Poland, north of Utica. The money has since been turned over to the New York State Police.

If you believe the found money is yours, please contact State Police Troop D Headquarters at 315-366-6000. You will be asked to provide appropriate descriptive details in order to substantiate your claim. Please refer to Case # 9076825.

Descriptive details?

Uh, it's green? There are Presidents on it.

Seriously though, you should be prepared to tell Troopers how much money you lost, how the cash was likely found, and you should probably consider a reward for whoever turned in all that money.

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