A giant octopus at the Seattle Aquarium decided to try and slime itself away from its tank yesterday. Can you blame the curious sea creature?

If I were an octopus pent up in a tank, I would probably try and slide myself away into bigger, better, wetter world too! I'd also look pretty funny with eight arms. The Octopus, whose name is "Ink", gained national attention after it nearly swam itself out of its Plexiglas tank.

Here's what Seattle Aquarium employee, Tim Kuniholm had to say about the incident:

“It’s a new octopus “Ink” in a new exhibit exploring his boundaries,”  “In the video that’s been shared by the public, it’s one of our staff members helping Ink bank into his exhibit after exploring the edge.” (13 Fox)

Kuniholm also says the octopus story has been blown way out of proportion. He can't believe just how many people care about the sea creature's adventures. Factually speaking, octopuses don't deal with new environments and uncomfortable situations:

These animals don’t seem to do very well in captivity at all. The level of stress it creates can cause them to stop eating and to die much sooner than they ordinarily would.(Octopus Worlds.Com)

Here's the video of the octopus’s escape attempt!

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