According to a report by Stephanie Duprey of News10NBC, a cow in the Upstate New York town of Spencerport has been on the run for almost two weeks.

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Henry Maier, the owner of Maier Farms, says that while he was trying to move the cow to a different field, she took off and now they can't catch up to the cow because it's simply too fast for them. Maier told Duprey "Pushing the woods, we have drones, out, I have guys with thermal that came out, I got some professional cattle tracking guys from down by the southern tier, they came out."

Still, the cow remains uncaptured after nearly two weeks of being on the run and Maier is getting concerned for her safety. He told Duprey "Where she is now, people have been saying they have major coyote problems, I hope she didn't get caught up with them. I don't know what else to do, I'm lost at this point, I don't know what else to do."

The black cow has been wandering through the streets of Spencerport, earning the nickname "The Spencerport Bandit" even though she hasn't actually stolen anything. And she's somehow managed to evade her would be captors at every turn so far.

According to this article from Farmhouse Guide, the average cow is capable of running up to 17 mph, which explains why Maier and his associates haven't been able to catch up to the runaway cow yet. Most think of cows as lazy grazers in quiet open fields but it seems when they're motivated enough they can be pretty athletic. According to another report by Dan Gross of Rochester First, this type of cow is prone to escape and capable of jumping seven feet or higher. Maier told Gross that every time they get within 30 feet of the cow it just takes off again.

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