Pretty sure my leg is about to fall off. Or I have Lyme Disease. Or none of the above. But what the heck bit me?

This weekend, I was out working in our backyard in New Hartford. We don't live near the woods or anything - I was just weeding the garden. I got bitten a few times - but something REALLY munched on my ankle. I only noticed because there was a tiny trickle of blood. I didn't see a tick - or any other bug - and didn't hurt when I got bitten, that I can recall.

Credit: Beth/TSM
Credit: Beth/TSM

Since then - I've developed a minor cankle, the spot went from a small dot to a big red spot - and it itches so much, I want to chop off my foot. Also, the bite is slightly oozy. (Is that TMI? Sorry!) I've taken Motrin, put calamine on it - and nothing is helping.

What bit me? Have you ever had a bit like this one? What was it? Or do I need to head to the doctor's?

Let me know - or call 315-721-0987

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