Recently, on the view, a few of the co-hosts of the show made a few comments about Miss Colorado and her talent for the Miss America Pageant. Those comments weren't taken to kindly by the medical community.

This past Monday, September 14th, the view had a segment in which they talked about the Miss America Pageant. While talking about the pageant, they discussed Miss Colorado, who came out on stage during the talent part, dressed in her scrubs and stethoscope. Miss Colorado proceeded to give a very moving monologue about being a nurse and why she is one.

Instead of complimenting Miss Colorado for the services she provides and the amazing job she does day in and day out, they made a few comments that nurses and the entire medical community didn't take to kindly to.

Michelle Collins started off by saying that Miss Colorado basically got on stage and read her emails. The co-hosts on the show also said that they were disappointed in this whole thing, saying that what Miss Colorado did for her talent was not actually a talent. While Joy Behar called her scrubs a costume and questioned her doctors stethoscope.

Using hashtags like #nursesmatter, #mytalentisnursing and #nursesunite, nurses and the medical community spoke out via social media in defense of Miss Colorado, posting photos of the stethoscopes they use every day and panning the hosts' statements as misinformed. One woman even wrote a letter in the form of a blog to Joy, which you can find here.

Once The View realized all of the back lash they were getting, they did issue an apology. In the apology that aired Wednesday September 16th, Michelle Collins says,

"We were talking about the Miss America pageant and we were talking about the talent competition, And one of the girls, Miss Colorado, gorgeous girl, she got up and gave a monologue and we were talking about the talent.... I just want to say, before we go on, people were very upset of what we said.... For all of us, I just want to say, we love nurses. Nurses, if you're watching, we adore you, we respect you. Clap for the nurses. You guys are wonderful, you're the most compassionate people, and I think we just need to have a moment about that. I was not talking about her as a nurse," she stressed. "We were talking about the talent competition, and it got misconstrued. If your bosses are watching, you all deserve raises. This is how much I love nurses.... Give them everything. Take my money."

Joy Behar weighed in as well, blaming her comments on simple ignorance. She also expressed having family members in that field. The other co-hosts did chime in as well.

However even with issuing the apology, the nurses still take a stand. Seems the medical community didn't like the apology very much.


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