Just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend, Brewery Ommegang has released their latest "Game of Thrones" beer called "Bend the Knee."

Whether you're a huge Game of Thrones fan or not, this beer is worth a try as it comes from Coopertown's own Brewery Ommegang. And they're known for making some distinct and award-winning beers like "Three Philosophers" and "Gnomegang." Or my personal favorite, "Rosetta" (which is also one of their award-winning beers).

They announced another Game of Thrones beer back in February with the plans to release it for the Memorial Day Weekend. And it looks like they were right on schedule. The beer was officially released on Monday, May 22nd and is now hitting store shelves all over the country.

But instead of looking all over, and going from store to store to see if they received their shipment of the latest Game of Thrones beer, you can go directly to the source. This Saturday (May 27th), "Bend the Knee" will be available at Brewery Ommegang. According to Ommegang.com,

We’ll also have a replica Iron Throne from the show on site at the brewery that day. All guests are welcome to take a seat (and a photo) on the most powerful seat in Westeros. Photos on the Iron Thrones are available from 12-8 pm on Saturday. 

So if you are a huge Game of Thrones fan, you may want to clear your calendar for Saturday. Who wouldn't want a picture on the "Iron Throne?!"

And if you can't make it out Saturday, don't despair... You'll be able to pick up this new brew at select stores throughout Central New York. And an added bonus, there are three different collectable bottles to choose from: One for House Stark, one for House Lannister, and one for House Targaryen. Now you can pick up the bottle that best fits the house you like, or just get one of each... Because, why not?

And if Game of Thrones really isn't your thing, Brewery Ommegang has tons of other beers. If you go for tour at their brewery, it ends with a stop inside the shop for tasting. Then you can sample six of their beers they have available on draft, and figure out which one best suits you. Whether you like something light, something a little more fruity, or a rich beer, Ommegang has something for everyone.





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