Today, January 8th would've been Elvis Presley's 79th birthday.  What a career he had and if his life hadn't ended so young, who knows what else he would've achieved in the entertainment world.  Here's a look at some of his amazing chart records.

Elvis made a lasting mark on the world of music.  Some of his chart records still have not been broken by other artists, despite Elvis having  been gone since 1977.   Here's a sample of what he did on the Billboard charts.

Billboard reports  Elvis had 80 top 40 hits.  That's incredible.  Elton John, who 's still making music, has 57.

Elvis also had 108 Billboard Hot 100 hits.  He had 129 Billboard 200 charted albums, the highest amount in the chart's history.  (Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, is second with 82.)

67 weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 for Elvis, which is another personal best for Elvis.  It's the most time for a solo act spent at the top.  Garth Brooks is second with 52 weeks and MIchael Jackson's 51 puts him in third.

In a world of one hit wonders and artists coming and going, is it any wonder he's still called The King?