This is crazy. First of all, this is not a story about a bunch of players on the NFL's Buffalo Bills. These are REAL buffalo.

New York State police are asking people to be on the lookout for buffalo. Seriously. 75 of them have escaped from the Bison Island Farm in the town of Sharon, which is east of Cooperstown, west of Schenectady, and southeast of Utica. The farm, which normally has about 130 buffalo, is owned by a couple named Brian Grubb and Susie Golembeski. They want their animals back. But be careful. These are large creatures and could be very dangerous.

The buffalo have been on the roam and eating hay in fields all over Otsego County.

Here's how they busted loosed: one resourceful and brave buffalo broke a gate, allowing he and his buddies to bolt from the farm. Specifically, there are at least 30 adult buffalo, including three bulls and 45 calves.

A New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officer has teamed up with police, and the owner of the buffalo, in an ongoing plan to corral the buffalo.

People have reported seeing the animals in the towns of Schohaire and Roseboom.

Troopers are asking anyone who sees the buffalo to contact the farm: 518-588-1402 or State Police at Richfield Springs: 315-858-1122.

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