Today is Earth Day 2014.  As we think of ways to help take care of our planet, here's a simple idea that's really easy to do every single day of they year. 

Using energy efficient appliances, recycling products and washing clothes in cold water are all good ways to help the environment.  Add this one to the list.  Don't litter.  I'll admit, littering is a pet peeve of mine.  Why do people do it, especially when there are garbage cans readily available?

What happens when you throw bottles out your car window?  They don't magically disappear.  They stay there on the side of the road.  Littering happens everywhere.  Next time you're walking or driving, take a look at your surroundings and you'll probably see bottles, paper, cans, cigarette butts and other bits of trash.  Instead of throwing it on the ground, throw it in a garbage can.

It's easy to do, doesn't cost any money and what a difference it would make if more people would do it.