It's really annoying when your neighbors don't have the same pride in their street as you do. One mystery Utican has had enough.

In some neighborhoods, it's practically a competition to see who has the most perfect lawn and the prettiest garden. In some others, you're just hoping that everyone cleans up the dog poop, and doesn't throw their garbage around. And some neighborhoods are a combination of both.

On a street near Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute, someone decided they have had enough. They mounted a sign that says "Stop Littering Dumb Asses." Now, we can debate whether 'dumb asses' is one word or two, but I think we can all agree with the sentiment: if you litter, you're an idiot. After all, that's your neighborhood too.

You have to admire the workmanship and commitment this mystery person displayed - clearly, just scrawling their message on a piece of cardboard wasn't going to cut it. Instead, they took the time to either have that sign made, or handcraft a very professional looking sign themselves.

We're impressed.

Have you ever wanted to put a sign up with some "advice" for your neighbors? What would it say?

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