Potatoes: Great for mashing, scalloping and filling the void in an all-male pop group left by a prodigal former member.

On last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!the show's host moved to round out the four-man One Direction by adding an official 1D Potato he bought at Ralph's for 58 cents...and just in time for the holidays!

"Smell it, hug it, kiss it, whatever you want to do with it," he encouraged the band as the guys took turns getting to know their new root vegetable. "Make it a part of your family."

And to make the spud's inclusion official, Liam Payne took an Instagram photo of the group's new emblem and posted it to 1D's account. By the episode's end, the photo had amassed nearly 115,000 likes, and a new account created in its honor garnered 13,000 followers.

"Move over, Kim Kardashian's butt," Kimmel exclaimed to his audience. "A new star has been born."

And while there are surely new adventures ahead for the expanding One Direction, the guys said they're looking forward to chilling out during an upcoming hiatus and finally seeing all the sights they've missed around the world while touring.

"I think I've driven past some of the biggest monuments in the world but never actually stopped beside them," Niall Horan said.

Watch the clips above and be sure to check out performances of "Perfect" and "Love You Goodbye" from the episode!

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