The Oneida County Legislature voted unanimously to establish an Animal Abuse Registry.

The Animal Abuse Registry is intended to prevent those convicted of felony animal abuse from owning animals. The registry will list the names, addresses, offense description, mug shots and identifying information of people convicted of felonies related to the abuse of domestic animals.

The public will be able to view the registry, and it will be shared with area animal shelters, people who sell pets and animal-welfare organizations. The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office will run the registry, reports the Utica OD.

Hopefully, this registry will help keep more pets safe within Oneida County.

The law was proposed in April, but legislators concerns about the impact of the registry on local farms needed to be addressed before the law was passed.

While Oneida County's law was modeled on Albany's registry, neighboring Onondaga county also maintains an animal abuse registry. You can see what it looks like HERE.

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