WARNING: Heartbreaking Photos. It's been a year since Freddy was rescued after someone left him tied to a pole at the park on Stark Street. A year later, it's like he's a different dog.

We'll never know how badly his previous owner abused Freddy, but he was found with poorly healed broken bones, old wounds, and severely malnourished. We will NEVER understand how someone can do this to an animal.

A year ago, a good Samaration brought Freddy to the Stevens-Swan Humane Society after they found him tied to a pole and abandoned at a park on Stark Street in Utica.
He was extremely emaciated and had a severe injury or burn on his muzzle. He was treated by a veterinarian off sight and was immediately placed in foster care, giving him a better chance of survival.

As time went by, Freddy started to heal. He was given healthy food, and he began to gain weight. He was respected and loved, and he slowly started to trust again. When life's necessities are met, animals can thrive. We're so happy his foster parents helped him not only physically but emotionally too.

After eight weeks of fostering Freddy, Hillary Snogles-Dunn and her husband Rob, formally Freddy's foster parents, gave him his forever home. We know his life started horribly, but that's not how it will end.

Hillary posted this on Facebook for Freddys first anniversary of his horrible abuse:

"Coming up on one year (on 3/6) since Freddy was found tied to a pole in a park. There was still snow on the ground, his face was badly injured, and he was nearly starved to death. As soon as animal control brought him into the shelter, I knew I wanted to bring him home and help him heal. We brought him home that same night.
His heart was broken by humans. He was alive (barely), but when you looked into his eyes, it was like no one was home. I believe he has 26 pages of medical notes in his adoption folder. As he healed and got stronger, we knew his true personality would start to show. We wondered if he would hate people... he had every right to. But he has never been anything but sweet to us and our other dogs. He has never had an accident in the house. He has never destroyed anything in the house. He is an angel. He came to us shortly after the worst time in our lives, losing our daughter. Taking care of him gave me purpose. I couldn’t save Ellie, but I could save Freddy. And in many ways, he saved me, too.
Today Freddy is my absolute best friend. Wherever I sit, he has to sit with me. My chair is now our chair. And every night, he cuddles up to me, and I wake up to him on my pillow, nose to nose, often with his arm around me. We are so lucky to have him. I love him more than words."

To report an animal being neglect or abused, call 911 if it is an emergency. Otherwise, call the organization’s 24-hour hotline at (315) 454-3469 or file an online animal cruelty report at CNY SPCA.

Watch Freddy Transition From Abused and Starving To An Important Part Of The Dunn Family

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