The Utica-Rome area has had the misfortune of losing several law enforcement officers in the line of duty. One of those individuals we remember specifically today is the late Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy Kurt Wyman.

It was June 7th, 2011 that Oneida County Deputies responded to the scene of a domestic disturbance and standoff in the small Oneida County hamlet of Knoxboro. The negotiations with the individual inside the residence began at around 9PM and lasted until the following day at 2AM. Christian Patterson, who was sentenced to life in prison for killing Wyman, was held up in his garage with a shotgun and when deputies decided to move in. Deputy Wyman approached Patterson in an effort to use a taser on him and Patterson opened fire. Gunfire was exchanged between law enforcement and Patterson and he was eventually struck and taken into custody.

Patterson was tried and convicted for Deputy Wyman's murder in April of 2012 and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Wyman was a 4-year veteran of the Oneida County Sheriff's Office. He was killed at the ripe age of 24-years-old and was a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. At the time of his 'End of Watch' he left behind a pregnant wife and 18-month-old child. At the time his wife was notified of his death, she went into labor and gave birth to their baby daughter.


Today, we remember the life and legacy of Deputy Kurt Brian Wyman, Badge #188. In the 10 years since his untimely and tragic murder, community members have established the Kurt B. Wyman Park Memorial Park. The park is used by the community to help ensure Wyman's legacy is kept alive with a memorial monument and multiple sports fields serving as a tribute to Kurt’s love for children and his passion for the game of soccer. We will never forget the honorable Kurt Brian Wyman.

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