Greeley Ford of Camden, who has served as one of three Commissioners at the New York State Liquor Authority, publicly announced his retirement on Wednesday.

The announcement came when SLA Chairman Vincent A. Bradley made the announcement that Ford, who's been an SLA Commissioner since June of 2016, was retiring and moving with his wife to Florida.

"I'm informally announcing that Commissioner Ford will be leaving us on December 14th. He has chosen to retire, not just from this job but his full time job as well, and move to Florida," Bradley said. He went on to mention that Ford is from the Utica area and he "goes through a lot" just to attend hearings by traveling to New York City, spending the night, and then returning back home following each meeting. "We're going to miss him, I'm going to miss him, not only is he a great guy, but he was a great commissioner," Bradley added.

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Following the announcement, Ford's fellow commissioners, as well as attorneys representing clients at SLA, wished him well and echoed the sentiment that he would be greatly missed.

Ford also has retired from his longtime Senior Network Engineer job with ATT, a company he's worked for since 1988.

There were two local cases dealt with by the Authority on Wednesday.

Case 1587 involved Ann Street Liquors in Little Falls on charges of serving a minor back in September of this year. A 19-year-old underage agent with the New York State Police, purchased liquor from the store and the clerk did not ask for identification or proof of age. The clerk was arrested, according to State Police. Ann Street Liquors offered a $6000 settlement penalty and the Authority accepted.

Case 1607 involved a large fight back on January 23rd at the Celtic Harp on Varick Street in Utica. Police reports say the fight involved some 200 to 300 people fighting and it then spread out into the street. Owners of Celtic Harp offered a $1500 penalty settlement and the Liquor Authority accepted.

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