Okay, the first two bins are for cardboard like pizza boxes, kleenex containers or food packages. The middle bin is oval shaped for plastic containers like juice and milk containers. Now the 4th bin is for empty aluminum cans and the 5th is for glass containers. Often I find my self cleaning up after a family that just throws anything in any bin, and it can get messy.

Great news...no more! As heard on your information update this morning you can now mix all your recyclabes together.

  • All recyclable items—paper, plastic, metal, and glass—need to be mixed together loosely in one container.
  • Recyclables must be placed in your designated recycling bin or a durable plastic or metal lidded container of your choice, under 35 gallons, and not more than 50 pounds.
  • Do not place recyclables in plastic bags. No string, no trash or green waste.
  • For a complete list of do's and dont's, go to their website to get the details.