The Oneida Indian Nation is officially launching a major cannabis operation in Verona. They have gotten the approval to start the construction on a full-scale, 50,000 square-foot cannabis cultivation and production facility.

Marijuana plant

The cannabis will be later sold at retail stores, also owned by the Oneida Indian Nation, but will be announced at a later time. They plan to open the stores later next year, in 2023, exclusively on lands owned by the Nation.

The cultivation and manufacturing facility will also be on their land, on Hill Road in Verona, New York. Their goal is to have full control of the entire business, from seed to sale. This would create a new and significant source of income for the Nation.


Ray Halbritter, Oneida Indian Nation Representative and Oneida Nation Enterprises CEO, says they are excited about the new venture. He hopes the decision will keep the Oneida people from missing out on an incredible economic opportunity.

We are confident based on our expertise and proven track record within other highly regulated industries that we will be able to set the standard for developing a safe and successful adult recreational cannabis business on Oneida Indian Nation lands

The initiative also reaffirms the Nation's commitment to generating and creating new employment opportunities for the community.


Regardless of this news, the Oneida Indian Nation wants to remind guests and visitors that cannabis consumption is still prohibited at any of their venues. This includes all of their casinos, hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.

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