The power of Mother Nature is unreal and the shores of Oneida Lake prove it. Just look at the massive mountains of ice pushed onto the banks.

Shane Muckey captured the phenomenon on the shores of Oneida Lake in Sylvan Beach. The 'ice tsunami' happened on Saturday, March 19 during the first thunderstorm of the year.

National Attention

Muckey's videos of the ice shove on Oneida Lake caught national attention. The Weather Channel, Accuweather, Weather Nation, Fox, ABC, and even a Tokyo-based news agency reached out to use the footage.

Mother Nature Proves Power By Pushing Ice Onto CNY Shore in Spring Phenomenon

Another sign spring is coming in Central New York - the annual phenomenon of Mother Nature pushing ice onto the shores of Oneida Lake in Sylvan Beach.

Ice Shoves

Ice shoves are caused by a combination of currents, strong winds, and temperature differences pushing ice onto the shore and creating piles sometimes as high as 40 feet.

In spring, the large mass of ice covering a body of water is subject to melting and begins to move and break up under the influence of winds. Sustained periods of strong winds along the longer axis - or fetch - of the lake can begin to slowly move the ice sheet toward the downwind shore.

This isn't the first time Mother Nature has shown her power. Strong winds pushed ice onto the shores of Oneida Lake a few years ago. John Ready captured the cool moment.

40 Foot Lake Erie Ice Shove

Remember the massive Ice Shove on Lake Erie in 2019? Strong winds blowing along the 225-mile length of the Lake pushed tons of ice onshore.

The Niagara River Parkway was closed due to the immense amount of ice that blew off the water, getting as high as 40 feet in some spots.

Mother Nature Buries Northern Oneida County in First Big Snowstorm of Season

The first massive snowstorm of the season was a doozy, at least for some. The Utica area only saw a few inches of lake effect snow but Northern Oneida County had more, a lot more.

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