We admire anyone with the skills to fix their own car, but this technique looks a little too creative to be safe. This picture was snapped right along Route 5 in Oneida.

You don't have to be an OSHA representative to know propping a car up, sideways, with a few two by fours is not the best way to get to the underside of your vehicle. Yes, it's probably a little easier than working in an enclosed space under your car but...you know, GRAVITY.

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Although, in this guy's defense, there look to be some key parts missing from the vehicle - like the wheel axles, and, is that the engine under a tarp?

Maybe we're misunderstanding the whole thing. Could it be this is actually a fantastic example of recycling: an automotive lean-to. It's actually a shelter, not a car project.

What does this qualify as? Creativity? Insanity? Redneck?

Credit: Mike Lennon
Credit: Mike Lennon

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen someone do with a car?

In related car news: Don't forget to get your EZ Pass. The NYS Thruway is getting ready to make the switch to cashless tolling in mid-November. Tolls could be increasing up to 30% for drivers without an EZ Pass, as 2000 cameras will be watching vehicles, either reading the EZ Pass or snapping a picture of your license plate.


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