Maybe this is my penance for all of the times I've groaned, rolled my eyes, or let out a not-so-quiet sigh when I've been told a cheesy dad joke. I have been gifted a child who is obsessed with dad jokes, particularly the really silly ones. Watch:

Much like a dad who lacks in the new material department, my son leans heavily on the same joke for laughs all the time (and he sure cracks himself up). I've come to realize it's easier to embrace the groan and let out a chuckle rather than hold it in.

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The world really could use some more laughs, so in honor of Father's Day, I've decided to embrace the cheesy jokes. Here are some dad jokes from Country Living that might actually make you chuckle.

30 Funny Dad Jokes That'll Make You Chuckle

Want more? Country Living has tons more here! 

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