When you're patrolling the highways late at night, you just don't know who you may run into. Or in this case, what you might run into.

Oneonta State Troopers were on patrol in the wee hours of the morning when they received a report of a horse on the loose. Is it me or have there been a lot of wayward animals in the last few weeks? Troopers found the runaway equine on County Road 11 in the Town of Laurens.

Apparently no one's mug shot, even a horse's, looks good. Messed up hair and bloodshot eyes, better see if he can walk a straight line officer. Once in custody, the horse and it's owner were reunited.

New York State Trooper Rescues Fawn Stranded By Syracuse Road

Credit- NYS Police
Credit- NYS Police

New York State Trooper Rescues Fawn Stranded By Syracuse Road

Tis the season for deer. A New York State Trooper has to rescue one stranded on the side of a Syracuse road.

Trooper Javed Waleed saved a stranded fawn along Colonel Eileen Collins Boulevard in North Syracuse Saturday, July 24. An officer from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) was able to help and transported the deer to a new home.

The fawn will now live at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse.

Fawn Rescue

Another fawn had to be rescued by State Police after it got stuck in a backyard in a town of Union neighborhood. It was injured trying to scale some fences in the area on Tuesday, July 13, according to the New York State Police.

Credit - NYSP
Credit - NYSP

Trooper Elyssa Brege came to the rescue. "The fawn is safe now and is with a rehabilitator. It should recover just fine."

This isn't the first time a New York State Trooper helped rescue an animal.

New York State Police Rescue More Than Humans

New York State Police rescue more than humans. They help save defenseless animals too.

Usually, it's the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation who has officers out rescuing animals. And it looks like they've been busy this summer, with 5 animal rescues in one week.

Five Animal Rescues Made by New York Conservation Officers in One Week

Officers rescue a fawn, a family of ducks, a year old bear, and an injured bald eagle

Like the New York State Police, DEC officers rescue humans too.

11 People Including Rangers, Climbers and a Helicopter Needed to Rescue Hiker

injured climber rescued by New York Forest Rangers, Assistants and Volunteer Climbers

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