If you have extra space in your home, garage, attic, or shed, there’s money to be had. Think of an Airbnb, but instead of people it’s for stuff.

First off, if you have extra space around your home or property, count your blessings. As I like to say, you couldn’t get a breath of air in our storage shed, or closets, or under the bed for that matter. The people at Neighbor have come up with an innovative idea for those who have the much desired space to store things or for those of us looking for places to put all our stuff.

They label themselves as "The Future of Storage," and basically connect people who need storage with people who have space. Whether you have the space or need storage for a few boxes, cars, boats, trailers, or RV's; Neighbor can make the connection in a variety of ways, indoors, outdoors, and climate controlled.

Become a Neighbor Host, (providing space for someone,) and your property is protected up to $100,000 and the company covers the fee if the renter skips out on payment. As the renter, the coverage is $25,000 if anything happens to your belongings. Neighbor even handles all the paper work and deposits the rental fees right into your account.

Think beyond the usual storage places like a garage, attic, or shed. Renters are looking for vacant lots to store equipment and open parking places. In many cases the storage may be for a short period of time while a family builds a new home or cleans up after a natural disaster,

A simple search for storage using the 13501 zip code on Neighbor's website, found more than a dozen places including garages, sheds, and even parking lots. How much money can you make as a host? Many claim tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Learn more about hosting or renting space at Neighbor.com.

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