Is someone watching you change clothes? Only 13 states in the U.S. prohibit the use of security cameras in dressing rooms and New York isn't one of them.

In today's day and age, someone is always watching. Everywhere you look, there's a camera, even in the dressing room. Major retailers use security cameras to deter thieves. Sometimes it's just for looks and there isn't actually a camera recording anything. Other times there's not only a camera recording, there's someone watching too.

Security cameras inside dressing rooms are totally legal in 37 states. Only Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Utah probit the use of cameras in changing rooms.

Nallely Valencia found one in a fitting room at a California mall. "Wow I'm so mad, I literally noticed when I was putting my clothes back on," she shared on TikTok where the video has been seen nearly 650,000 times. "You mean to tell me they watched me get naked."

The camera may be one of those that are just for looks with nothing actually recording. If not, a lawsuit could be in the works in a state where surveillance is illegal.

In states where it's legal for video surveillance systems in dressing rooms, it can only be used to monitor security under the Video Voyeurism Prevention Act.

New York's privacy law prohibits secret video surveillance for the purpose of amusement, profit, abuse, or sexual gratification in any place a person expects privacy and without that person's knowledge and consent. It is legal if a sign is posted and it's only used for security reasons.

The state makes an exception for permissible video surveillance with a security system wherein a written notice is conspicuously posted on the premises stating that a video surveillance system has been installed for the purpose of security or video surveillance devices installed in such a manner that their presence is clearly and immediately obvious.

See the security camera laws in each state at

First, it was two-way mirrors. Now it's security cameras. Ordering online and trying on clothes in the comfort of your own home sounds better and better every day. If it doesn't fit, just send it back. That way you'll know if you're being watched while getting undressed and you can tell your husband to leave you alone.

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