In a ranking of 728 community colleges across the United States, only one CNY community college managed to break into the Top 100. 

WalletHub ranked community colleges based on where you can get the best education for the lowest price.

We evaluated the schools based on three key dimensions, including: 1) Cost & Financing, 2) Education Outcomes and 3) Career Outcomes. We constructed the three dimensions using 14 total metrics, each grouped with related metrics in the appropriate category and listed below with its corresponding weight. We graded each metric on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the best community college.

Those scores even included the ability of its graduates to find employment after graduation.

Only Herkimer College was able to break into the Top 100, with a ranking of 61st across the nation. Herkimer earned a 51.21 total score. For comparison, the #1 ranked school - Leech Lake Tribal College, in Minnesota, earned a 69.00.

According to Herkimer College:

Our students can choose from more than 40 Associate’s Degree and Certificate programs in which they’ll gain hands-on experience and real-life skills in their major. As part of the SUNY network, transferring to a four-year SUNY college guarantees your Herkimer College credits will go with you. In addition, we maintain transfer agreements with many public and private universities.

How did other Central New York community colleges rank?

  • Mohawk Valley Community College - #128 - 48.55 total score
  • Fulton-Montgomery Community College - #140 - 48.21 total score
  • Onondaga Community College - #446 - 41.98 total score

There's more good news for New Yorkers: our state ranks 9th in the United States for the success of our community college system, according to the same study from WalletHub.



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