Are you gutsy enough to take the jump? As if skydiving wasn't already exhilarating enough, one New York company has taken the extreme sport to the next level, adding in a giant freaking waterfall.

Skydive the Falls is the only skydiving center that flies over Niagara Falls and it's where adrenaline junkies go for the highest skydives in Western New York. Sounds pretty epic, right?

On your way up, you'll fly over Niagara Falls, experiencing a new perspective of Western New York's crown jewel, all while getting ready for your jump from 12,000 feet up. There's plenty of videos online from others who have taken the jump and the views are stunning, especially if you book a sunset slot.

Don't get it twisted though; This won't be a slow, easy-going ride down. Skydive the Falls says your freefall will last 40 to 50 seconds, and once you reach terminal velocity, you'll reach speeds of 120 mph and higher! Once the parachute opens, you'll glide to a grassy landing spot at 10 to 20 mph for 5 to 8 minutes.

And while it's pretty neat to watch these videos from the safety and comfort behind your computer screen, it's certainly more blood-pumping to get out and experience the rush for yourself.

A tandem dive with Skydive the Falls costs $250 and includes everything you'll need for a successful jump, including gear and training. Media packages to commemorate your day are an additional charge and range from $125 to $185.

Check out these amazing videos and photos from people who have taken the jump with Skydive the Falls.

Another diver captured the beautiful view of the falls from the plane before his jump.

You can check out more from skydivers through the company's Facebook page and book your epic adventure now on its website!

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