As we progress through various stages of the COVID-19 re-opening progress, it's great to see local businesses hit the ground running.

Nimey's the New Generation is the Mohawk Valley's Largest Independent Car Dealership. They've been around since 1965 and they are back in business following the New York Pause lockdown. Of course their service arm, including Sprague Collision, was already working around the clock during the pandemic. And customers have been utilizing the Internet to browse the impressive collection of cars at Nimey's.

Now, their showroom and parking lot full of cars is buzzing again. Matt Nimey says business is booming right now at his shop and he believes the New York economy is strong. Plus: he's currently adding new employees and seeking more.

We caught up with Matt for a brief conversation about how things have changed in the car business and how his dealership is providing great sales and service in a health-conscious atmosphere.

As the Nimey's Facebook page proclaims, they believe they have it all:

The best vehicles, the best prices, the best options and the best people.

Automobiles are preferred over public transportation as consumers seek safe and reliable forms of travel. So, Nimey's is poised to take advantage of the current situation and give consumers just what they need. Here are all the key contact points for Nimey's:

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