To the five dumb kids who thought it would be fun to pretend they were drowning at Water Safari - not funny and so not cool!

Do you know the boys in this picture?

Provided Photo
Provided Photo

These jerks thought it would be fun to repeatedly pretend they were drowning on Friday, August 6. The lifeguard on duty was forced to jump in the pool every time someone appeared to be drowning. As one drowned, the other four would laugh and hoot and holler and scream and yell. The lifeguards were asked if there was anything that they could do to stop it. But they are not allowed to leave their spots so they couldn't really tell anyone.

A picture of the boys was shown to a supervisor at the water park in Old Forge. He told park visitors they had been trying to find the boys all day because they were doing the same thing in the wave pool.

Pretending to be being drowning is not only not funny, but it's also dangerous. You're putting everyone else in the pool at risk. What would happen if one of the lifeguards was busy trying to save you while someone else was actually drowning?

Lifeguards have a hard enough job as it is, keeping an eye on everyone, making sure they stay safe. Especially on a weekend when Water Safari is busy. They don't need you five asshats making their job even harder.

Shame on you. All five of you so-called 'boys' look old enough to know better. You also look old enough to know the story of the boy who cried wolf? Some day when you really do need help, it may not come.

Grow up!

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