This month the CNY Paranormal series is exploring personal accounts of the paranormal found throughout our region and contributed by those who have had the encounters. These ghost stories will send a chill down your spine and make you look at your favorite CNY haunts in a different light.

This week's account is contributed by Kate...

When I entered college, and left the protective nest of my parent’s home, I soon realized one horrifying fact: I needed a job. Relying on my mother’s connections, I obtained one working at a state historic site. This was a satisfying job, as my love of local history was encouraged at this position.

One summer, in early August, I was informed that I needed to help prepare Oriskany Battlefield for their annual remembrance of the Battle of Oriskany. I was required to work at the location for the day prior and the day of the anniversary, readying the location for the ceremony that was to occur.

The entire time I was working I felt that I was being watched. As I set up paper lanterns alongside the path that led to the memorial, I kept feeling like there was someone standing over me, watching what I was doing. Every time I would look up, though, I would never see anyone.

When it was time for the ceremony, I was asked to work late, just in case. The ceremony consisted of a procession of re-enactors dressed in uniforms similar to what the soldiers in the battle would have worn. It was a breathtaking sight to see this procession of men in patriot uniforms, as well as those in British uniforms, and members of the Oneida Indian Nation in their headdresses.

As I watched them progress, I thought that I saw my vision double. Instead of the maybe 50 people walking down the road, I seemed to see 100 or more. The night was misty, giving the men an eerie look, and I was sure that my mind was just playing tricks on me.

I blinked again, but the double vision still remained. As I looked closer, though, the extra men were not an optical illusion. They seemed weary, tired, yet resolute. Their uniforms were not clean, and they didn’t look like they had eaten well in a few days.

I couldn’t move, and I stood there staring, not believing what I was seeing. Soon the procession of the dead and the living passed me by, but that was a moment I never forgot.

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[Contributed by NY Shadowchasers]