There are seven other towns and cities across the US that share the name "Syracuse." We've also found a few other places that have the same names as other cities in Central New York.

Is this the fifth edition of "Unique Town/City Names in Central New York" already? We're going to take a look at our final eight places in CNY, and see how common their names are across the United States. Let's get started...


If you don't like living in Sherrill, New York you have three other options around the country. Even though our Sherrill is the least-populated city in the state, it's still the biggest Sherrill in the country. Here are the other states with a Sherrill:
- Arkansas (tiny, with a population of 126 in 2010)
- Iowa (unfortunately not named after Sherrill, New York)
- Missouri


There are eight notable cities and towns in the United States that share the name Cooperstown. Cooperstown, New York is probably your best choice when it comes to a great place to live (as long as you don't mind the tourists). Not that there is anything wrong with the other Cooperstowns, but ours just has everything: restaurants, shopping, the water, and of course the Baseball Hall of Fame. These are your other Cooperstowns (in case you're still interested):
- California
- Illinois
- Kentucky
- New Jersey
- North Dakota (smaller than ours, with a population of 984)
- Pennsylvania
- Wisconsin (has a trail and some caves, if you like those things)


If you live in Syracuse, New York and you want to move to another Syracuse, we suggest you just ride it out. Our Syracuse is definitely the biggest with the most options for things to do. If you're looking to get away from all that hustle-and-bustle, well then you have seven other choices throughout the country. These are the other states that have a Syracuse:
- Indiana (named after Syracuse, New York)
- Kansas (originally called "Holidaysburg," renamed after Syracuse, NY)
- Missouri (originally called "Pacific City," renamed after Syracuse, NY)
- Nebraska (surprise, surprise... It was named after our Syracuse)
- Ohio
- South Carolina
- Utah (the second most populated Syracuse, at 24,331)


You won't find any other Sauquoits in the United States. Sauquoit, New York is the only one, so hopefully you don't want to move out of it. This place can be added to the list of "only in New York" cities and towns, along with Dolgeville, Canastota, Ilion, Stittville, and Holland Patent.


You have plenty of choices for towns and cities that share the name Paris. There are 22 other places called Paris, in 20 different states. Here are your other options if you want to live in Paris, but not ours:
- Arkansas (it's named after the French capital)
- Idaho
- Illinois (got it's name from a tree with the word "paris" carved in it)
- Indiana
- Iowa
- Kentucky (first named "Hopewell," after the New Jersey city)
- Maine
- Maryland
- Michigan (small town, with a population of 557)
- Mississippi
- Missouri (named after Paris, Kentucky)
- New Hampshire
- Ohio
- Oregon
- Pennsylvania
- South Carolina
- Tennessee (has a 60 ft replica of the Eiffel Tower)
***Paris, Tennessee is also home to the World's Largest Fish Fry
- Texas (most populated with 25,171 residents)
- Virginia
- Wisconsin (actually has three areas called "Paris")

 Sylvan Beach

There are three Sylvan Beaches in the United States, one though isn't an actual city or town. Sylvan Beach, Michigan is just a beach, although the town around it was once called Sylvan Beach (it was renamed years later). That gives you one other option for a Sylvan Beach to move to and that would be the one in Texas.


If you don't want to live in Waterville, New York you've got 14 other choices across the US. Waterville, New York is the fifth most-populated one, so if you're looking for a bigger area (or a smaller one), there's a different Waterville for you. Here are the other states that have a city or town named Waterville:
- Connecticut (this is actually a neighborhood, but it's big with a pop. of 25,220)
- Georgia
- Iowa (small town, with a population of 144)
- Kansas
- Maine (another big one with a population of 15,722)
- Massachusetts
- Minnesota (a little bigger than ours, with a population of 1,868)
- North Carolina
- Ohio
- Pennsylvania
- Tennessee
- Vermont
- Washington
- Wisconsin


There are two other options if you want to live in a city or town named Russia, but don't want to live in the one in New York. Although ours is the biggest, so maybe you just want to stay put. If not, well here are your other choices:
- New Jersey (it also goes by the name "New Russia")
- Ohio (although they pronounce it "roo-shee")

And there you have it, our final installment looking into how common Central New York city and town names are across the country. If you've been following the series and we never looked into your city or town, leave us a message in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page, and we'll be sure to add a special edition just for you (and anyone else who leaves a message).



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