The Palisades Hotel of Rome New York is now opening up indoor dining on Thursdays for those that have been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Located on North James Street in Rome, the bar / Restaurant made the announcement on their Facebook page about Thursday's being known as "COVID Shot Night" from this point forward:

Beginning on THURSDAY MARCH 18th.. From 5:00 PM Until 9:00 PM, The PALISADES HOTEL will be OPEN for INDOOR SEATING for those that have chosen to be VACCINATED against the COVID VIRUS. The PALISADES want to recognize those that have chosen to bring us one step closer in winning this year long battle!!!!

Those that produce their COVID 19 Vaccination Card will be admitted and be able to spend an evening dinning and drinking with others that have a vaccination as well. You can read their full statement on Facebook here.

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On the People Places and Opinions of Rome NY Facebook group, many have mixed feelings on this move:

Jessica: "Like i said on the post & will say it on here as well. You can still get covid with a covid vaccine"

Michele: "I guess I won't be going there. I still have no trust in vaccine and I do everything required to stay safe"

Brooke: "It’s a local small business trying to do something nice one day per week to make at-risk people feel a little more comfortable! Let’s try and see the compassion in the idea instead of bashing hardworking business owners!"

Laura: "It is being offered as an option as people transition through this pandemic. It’s along similar lines of the grocery stores setting aside early shopping times for the elderly or those in higher risk groups. It’s meant as a good thing. I hope it works out and people remain safe"

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