The age old question in Greene New York is whether or not The Sherwood Hotel is haunted. You decide on a paranormal tour a few hours outside of Utica near Binghamton.

Take A Super Scary Paranormal Tour Of The Sherwood Hotel Near Binghamton

The age old question in Greene New York is whether or not The Sherwood Hotel is haunted. You decide on a paranormal tour a few hours outside of Utica near Binghamton.

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That story once again:

Til Death? Investigations will be providing guided “paranormal” tours the nights of Friday October 22nd and Saturday October 23rd. Are you ready to track down some ghosts?

The Dusk Tour : 2 hours - 7 pm to 9 pm refreshments provided after.
The Midnight Tour : 2-3 hours - 10 pm to ?? Refreshments provided prior.

The Midnight tour also has premium overnight availability, to stay and continue your investigations even after everyone “sleeps." However, there are only a few tickets left for that part of the tour, so make sure you contact The Sherwood to see if they are still available.

Want to take the tour? You must be 18 and older to participate. Waivers and disclosures will be signed prior to tour. Here's a breakdown of the costs:

Dusk tour - (tour only) $25 per person
Midnight tour - (tour only) $35 per person
Midnight tour - (premium overnight experience) $149 for 2 people."

The Sherwood Hotel was originally built in 1803. After a fire in the early 1900's the building was rebuilt in 1913 which remains in the same structure today.

What ghost stories exist from the hotel? Here are some haunted stories from

Bill Lenga: "A young girl by the name of Rebecca allegedly jumped off the balcony after breaking up with her boyfriend. She is said to haunt Rooms 207 and 209."

Katelyn Feathers: "Stayed here back in 2015. In the middle of the night for 4 hours straight I heard a woman screaming bloody murder and doors slamming repeatedly. No one heard it or reported it beside my mom, a lady in the room next to us and I. I still think about it often. So bizarre"

Chris: My wife and I stayed there one rainy night and we do recordings…we were the only guests in the Hotel that night. We went out to dinner and when we came back to the room I had the recorder going and asked “would you like some wine?” as we had brought a bottle with us…playing the recording back was an excited female voice (not my wife) saying “Wine….YES PLEASE” loud and clear!"

You be the judge at upcoming paranormal investigations if the hotel is haunted or not.

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