Parents better watch out for a naughty text message from Santa that somehow knows your child's name.

A number of people have received an unsolicited message from Santa that starts out sweet....

Hi (child's name) it's Santa! I am so excited to write to you this season. I can't wait to tell you all of the exciting stories here at the North Pole. HoHoHo! All the elves are already here for the Christmas season (child's name)! They're working on a big surprise outside. I'll send you a picture once they're done.

A picture of a snow castle is included in the message

Provided photo
Provided photo

"No one I know signed me up to receive messages and I dang sure will not give out my son or my pet's names on anything," said one mom who received the texts. "I didn’t sign up for anything because I don’t like anything soliciting like."

The next day she received another message from 'Santa,' and that's when things got really weird.

Many people don't know this (child's name) but each year all of the Elves build a village made entirely of ice to live in during the Christmas season. The elves are letting me show the rooms where they sleep. I can imagine (pet's name) having so much fun in here!

A picture of a bedroom then followed. Not Santa's workshop where the elves are getting ready for a Chrismtas. A BEDROOM!

Provided photo
Provided photo

This mom isn't alone. "I had a lady reach out to me from another state saying she got the exact same messages with her child’s name and a pet's name."

There are a few families in Central New York getting these strange messages too. "They don't know why or how," said Michele Izzo of Rome.

No one knows. A search of the number turned up nothing. The mom did report the naughty text messages and blocked the number from her phone. "I have no clue who did it or how they got any information. It’s so creepy and strange."

Have you received these weird messages from Santa?

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