We know what you’ve been thinking. You’ve picked up the latest issue of Bello magazine (because that’s clearly the one magazine you read religiously) and you’re wondering who is this hot, shirtless guy named Parker Hurley on the cover?

Thanks to ‘Zoolander,’ we have a clear idea of how every male model on the planet acts — the lip pout, the obnoxiously fabulous clothes, and, of course, the “Blue Steel” pose. Well, Hurley is probably unlike any gorgeous stud muffin you’ve heard about. In fact, he’s basically a geek living in a runway star’s body.

Aside from his modeling and acting aspirations, Hurley is a self-proclaimed nerd and “pancake enthusiast” who wears ‘Hulk’ t-shirts and plays with action figures. Plus, he’s really big into art and sometimes draws shirtless. We know, total dream boat.

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