There will be one less shoe store in Central New York. Payless plans to close all 2,300 of its US stores.

Payless Shoes, which have been a go-to for inexpensive shoes, is set to file bankruptcy at the end of the month - for the second time, according to a report by Reuters. The company has been unsuccessfully searching for a buyer.

Reuters says this makes the shoe store "one of the most high-profile victims of the string of bankruptcies that have hit the brick-and-mortar retail sector as more shopping is done online."

Local malls - including Sangertown Square and Destiny USA - have also been hit by retail bankruptcies. Earlier this month, Charlotte Russe announced they would close their Sangertown store as the company struggles to stay afloat as more and more consumers do their shopping online.

Payless has several locations in Central New York. Aside from the two mall locations, there are Payless stores in Rome, Oneida, and Auburn. 

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