This fall is predicted to be warmer and wetter than usual so predicting when the colors will be their peak is a guessing game. Currently, it looks like the Adirondack foliage will peak in October.

According to who have been tracking the changes in the weather patterns and historical data, as each year passes and the more local information is gathered and weather patterns are tracked. They are predicting that the Adirondack Mountains will be in peak color the first week of October this year, running October 1st through the 8th before colors turn.

2018 Adirondacks Fall Foliage Map
Photo Credit - Smoky Mountains Fall Foliage Map


Ever wonder just where all the leaves that fall from trees go? You would think we would be knee deep in leaves with nowhere to put them all.

The earth is fantastic at recycling, decomposing plants and trees back into the rich soil to feed the trees through the winter. Without that rich layer, the trees would not survive as well from year to year.

As we all learned in the 5th grade everything begins with photosynthesis. Leaves produce the vivid hues of green from spring through summer and into fall As the fall days begin to get shorter and shorter the production of chlorophyll slows to a halt. Giving us the way to the true color of the leaf.

This year plan a trip or two into the mountains of upstate and enjoy Mother natures annual gift.

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