A TGIF is in order, thanks to the arrival of ‘The Perfect Strangers’ video game. Developer, Jason Oda has created a browser-based homage to the long-running ABC sitcom that’s sure to make anyone feel a sudden urge to stand tall, on the wings of their dreams.

The seventy-second game “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Up Now” feels like “double-rainbow” on speed, thanks to the inclusion of the show’s heart-bursting theme song while players pilot Balki Bartokomous on the road to to his American dream. Images from the show accompany Balki’s journey, as he literally flies on the wings of his dreams, collecting stars along the way.

‘The Perfect Strangers’ video game reminds us that even a modest shepherd from Mypos can make it in the big city (though we’re a little disappointed Cousin Larry isn’t a playable character). What other TGIF-era sitcoms would you like to see get their own video game? Let us know in the comments!

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