For some, it was their first ever day of their academic career. For others, it was the last, first day ever. And for others, it was just another first day along their school journey. Students all across New York state head back to school this week, with a lot of school districts starting today, some starting Wednesday and some on Thursday.

Parents: if your child is getting ready to head to school for the first time, DO NOT forget to take pictures. To me, it seems like a no brainer to capture those moments each and every year so later down the line you can see how your perfect little children grow and turn into contributing members of society.

We asked on our Facebook page for you to send in your photos, and here's a bunch of the ones that we got from parents all over the region. If your child starts within the next few days, you can send us your photos inside our station app.

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Back To School 2022-23

Look at all these kiddos who were off to school today! Send us your photos inside the station app.

Do you remember what your first day of school was like? Did you have the pre-school jitters like I did, no matter what grade your were heading into? Was it a "I can't wait to see X, Y and Z" or "I really wish I didn't have to go?"

Looking back on those moments for me, I was really excited to head back to school. Let's chat about the first days of school that were memorable for you now inside our app.

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