With the use of home COVID-19 test kits on the rise, Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente is urging residents to self-report positive results to the county Health Department.

Picente says self-reporting is critical so the cases can be properly contact traced.

“COVID-19 home test kits are now readily available, convenient and affordable, and with school being back in session, more and more county residents are utilizing them,” Picente said. “While we are glad that people are taking action to ensure the health and safety of our community, it is resulting in many positive test results going unreported. It is imperative that our Health Department know of all positive cases so that the proper isolation and quarantine measures can be put in place through contact tracing.”

He says reporting a positive result will also ensure proper support and documentation for work and school absences.

Picente says if cases are not reported and positive people are making decisions on their own, the potential for continued COVID-19 spread is high.

“With communicable diseases, one of the best defenses is contact tracing,” said Daniel . Gilmore, Oneida County Director of Health. “With cases not being reported, contact tracing is incomplete. The Oneida County Health Department is making every effort to stay on top of COVID-19 spread in this community and unreported home test kits are making this more difficult. Cooperation on this matter is vital.”

The county is requesting that any residents who tests positive for COVID with a home test kit report the positive test results immediately.

Oneida County is in the process of developing an online self-reporting system, but is currently directing all at-home positive test results be reported to the county Health Department at (315) 798-5431.

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