Pierre Spies is the 6′ 4” tall, 228-pound South African rugby star who’s captaining the Bulls for the 2012 Super Rugby season. The god-like athlete amazes even his teammates with his skills, and, according to ESPN, has the leg strength to jump more than four-and-a-half feet in the air. What can we say? The man is as close to a real-life superman as you can get.

“The only true way to get good results [with your body] is the long, hard way,” he told Men’s Health. By the size of his pecs, arms, abs and… calves, we can tell he must really work out long and hard (tee hee).

Pierres in followed his father’s footsteps when he became involved in professional rugby. His dad was a former player for the Northern Transvaal and a former Springbok athlete, but he unfortunately passed away back in the early 00′s. Pierres himself even suffered through a bought of lung cancer, where he coughed up blood, but neither of these tragedies stopped him. He was able to recover both physically and emotionally from these trials and went back to demolishing his opponents.