Living in Central New York is amazing. There are many reasons why it is true, but one that is undeniable is the variety of amazing pizza options. With that advantage comes a very simple disadvantage and that is deciding where to get it from. This latest app developed by Utica's very own Kelly Yacco takes the hassle out of making your decision.

The Pizza Pusher
The Pizza Pusher

The app is called 'The Pizza Pusher' and it's a free download in the Apple App Store or Google Play Market. It's mission is simple, give you all the options available for pizza in your immediate area. It will allow you to browse, based on your GPS location, shops that are close to you. You can also call to order right from the app on your smartphone and some places even list daily specials and prices. If you are a regular pizza orderer, you NEED to download this amazing, free, app.

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