Most of us are ready for summer and the warmer weather, but with those higher temperatures come bugs. Here's a few plants you can grow to keep those creepy crawlies away this year.

Whether you have a mosquito problem in the summer months, or those pesky houseflies just drive you crazy, there are certain plants that these types of bugs don't like. And if you have them in or around your home, you can get rid of them just by having specific plants present. So we divided it out by what kind of bug or insect you're trying to get rid of:


Grow lavender, basil, marigolds, catnip, and/or peppermint.


Houseflies don't like lavender and basil.


To get rid of moths, grow lavender and peppermint.


Spiders really don't like peppermint. Grow peppermint or use peppermint oil to keep these buggers from getting into your home.


Grow rosemary and thyme to keep ticks away.

As we mentioned under the "SPIDERS" section, you can use essential oils to have the same effect, if you don't want to grow a bunch of plants. If you do want to grow a bunch of plants to keep the bugs away, have at it! You can also crush up parts of the plants, mix with water, and create your own spray. Then spray the product around the outside of your home, and around the outside of the windows and doors to keep the bugs from getting into your house. This is a great way to make your own harmless, non-chemical bug repellent.




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