Police are warning of a 'highly addictive substance' hitting streets across the U.S. - Girl Scout Cookies.

Several departments posted the humorous warning on their Facebook pages of items that "go by a variety of names like “Thin Mints”, “S’mores” and “Lemonades” just to name a few," according to the Ravenna Police Department

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Not only are they addictive but they are being 'pushed' by "strong, smart, fearless young women who will lure you in with their story and get you hooked."

You're more than likely going to find these young girls hanging out around grocery stores, the mall or local sporting events. The savvy ones can be found outside bars for that late night craving or at pot dispensaries, where marijuana is legal, to satisfy those "munchies."

Once they get you hooked you can't stop. "We know many people think they will just get one box. But one turns into two and two turns into five and the next thing you know you are hiding “Thin Mints” in the freezer."

Have the police been in my house? How do they know my hiding spot.

Several departments have set up a disposal location. "Just drop them off 24/7 and we will properly dispose of them for you."

If you can't make it to the Utica or Rome police departments to properly dispose of your 'highly addictive' cookies, feel free to drop off at our radio station on River Road in Marcy. We will also be happy to get rid of them for you.

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